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We are a french speaking couple from Montreal, Quebec, who is passionate about Panama. We first visited Panama the 21st of March 2015 and fell in love instantly with the country and the people. We could never thank enough Mina, Yeovani, Marcel, Mariela, Karim and Daniela and the whole family that we feel part of. To name just those the first day here. And many more after who are sill helping us.

After obtaining our Permanent Residency with the help of our dear friends, we visited the country a few years.

We bought a motorhome from a friend that came here from Montreal. Had a fun time legalizing the casa rodante…. That had never been registered before.
We had a job in a marina a few months. Where we learned many things about living here permanently and still learning spanish yet…. Lol

We love Panama so much we want to share it with the whole world.

1. Our know how.
2. A 100% personalized trip.
3. Our knowledge of the country.
4. Security and Quality.
5. Owner of a licence delivred by Autoridad de Turismo de Panama.
6. Reactivity and flexibility.
7. Competitive prices.
8. Ethical commitment.
9. Comfort and time saving.
10. Payment facilities.

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