• Fishing in Gatun Lake

    Fishermen are always impressed by the plentitude and variety of fish in Gatún Lake.

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  • Monkey Island – Half Day Tour

    The easiest way for you to have a close-up contact with monkeys in their natural habitat is undeniably on Monkey Island.

    You will have a boat ride on the famous Panama Canal beside large container ships to get to Monkey Island.

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  • Indian Embera village

    The Embera natives are among the seven Amerindian ethnic groups still present in Panama. 

    Ride a canoe up the Chagres River, walk to a jungle waterfall, and visit a traditional Embera village.

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  • El Valle de Anton – Hiking and Swimming

    The valley is unique because of the weird square trees, which grew on the volcanic soil.  The rectangular shape of trees is directly related to the conditions of the valley – when planted in any other location, the trees would have normal circular trunks.

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