• Indian Embera village

    You will be canoeing on the Chagres river, where you will be heading into the jungle to visit a traditional Embera village.

    The native Embera are one of the seven Amerindian ethnic groups still present in Panama.

    Several families of Embera settled near the Chagres river many years ago and have developed an ecotourism project allowing them to maintain their way of life and their customs in the face of the development of the modern world.

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  • Fishing in Panama

    Panama is an excellent fishing destination known for its intense reeling-in of monster species such as blue, black, and striped marlin; yellow-fin tuna; wahoo; and swordfish.

    Marlin and tuna are most abundant from January to April, but fishing takes place year-round.

    The Pacific Ocean is where the best fishing is.

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  • 2 Days / 1 Night – all inclusive in San-Blas

    If paradise exists, it must certainly resemble at the San Blas Islands!

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