• Chorro Las Yayas Falls – Full Day Tour

    Considered a natural treasure, Chorro Las Yayas has three waterfalls, a 300-meter path where 

    you can observe the beauty of the nature in all its expressions.

    Chorro Las Yayas is in the zone to Omar Torrijos National Park. 

    The path is completely paved with stairs and handrails that allow you to easily reach each of the three waterfalls of the route.

    You can bathe in any of the three falls with crystalline pools.


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  • Panama City and Ancon Hill – Full Day Tour

    This private full day tour includes visits to: 

    Ancon Hill,

    Amador Causeway,

    Panama Viejo and

    Avenida Balboa.

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  • El Valle – Nispero zoo, Square Trees and Chorro El Macho Waterfall

    El Valle de Anton, a picturesque town nestled in the 2nd biggest living crater of a huge extinct volcano, and ringed by verdant forests and jagged peaks.

    Home to an impressive set of waterfalls and natural pools.  

    The valley is unique because of the weird square trees, which grew on the volcanic soil.  The rectangular shape of trees is directly related to the conditions of the valley – when planted in any other location, the trees would have normal circular trunks.


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  • Panama City and the Miraflores Locks – Full Day Tour

    This private full day tour includes visits to: 

    Amador Causeway,

    Panama Viejo,

    Avenida Balboa,and the

    Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal.

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