• Colon and Fort San-Lorenzo – One Ocean to Another by Train.

    Travel 80 km between the Caribbean Ocean (Colon) and the Pacific Ocean (Panama City), along the
    Panama Canal by the single railroad, the Panama Canal Railway Company.

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  • Panama City

    Between Two Oceans – 8 Days City and Nature

    In this 8-day/7-nights circuit you will visit;

    – Panama city     – Isla Taboga     – Monkey Island     – Navigate beside big container ships on the famous Panama Canal     – Miraflores Lock on the Panama Canal.     – Indian Embera village     – Colon     – Panama Canal Railway     – El Valle de Anton.

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  • Between Two Oceans – 10 Days – San Blas

    In this 10 days 9 nights circuit, you will visit;

    – The Panama Railway     – Colon and the Free Zone     – Fort San Lorenzo      – Miraflores Locks and the Panama Canal     – Soberania Natural Park     – El Valle de Anton     – Playa Blanca     – Amador Causeway, Avenida Balboa and Panama viejo     – San Blas and the Kunas.

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  • Between Two Oceans – 12 Days to Bocas del Toro

    In this 12 Days and 11 Nights circuit, you will visit;

    -Miraflores locks on the Panama canal    -Ancon hill     -Casco Viejo     -Bocas del Toro by plane     -El Valle     -Gamboa Rainforest     -Portobello     -Isla Grande     -Colon and the Free Zone     -Fort San Loranzo     -Panama railway back to Panama city.

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