2 Days / 1 Night – all inclusive in San-Blas

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If paradise exists, it must certainly resemble at the San Blas Islands!

In Panama, there is a somewhat special territory: the territory of Guna Yala. This is where the famous San Blas Islands are located. The archipelago has around 370, of which 60 are inhabited. Besides, if there is ONE visit to Panama, it is the San Blas Islands. In the heart of the Kuna community, we sail from island to island, to meet these micro villages or these deserted islands. Between white sand beaches, small islands of a few square kilometers (even meters), transparent water, the place has the air of a Robinson Crusoe tale.

The Kunas (the inhabitants of the San Blas Islands) protect their islands. This Indian community took refuge on these islands. Since then, it has perpetuated its traditions and preserved its traditional, rudimentary, but environment-friendly habitat. By dint of determination, the kunas have obtained a strong autonomy vis-à-vis the Panamanian government. Today, entering Kuna territory is like crossing a border into a new country.


Check the itinerary for more information about the circuit.


DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION We will pick you up at your hotel in Panama City with our private vehicle and by the end of the circuit we will return to the same location.
DEPARTURE/ARRIVAL DATE TIME 5h30 a.m. / 17h30 p.m. the next day
Round trip transportation in a 4X4 Entrance fees to Kuna territory
Boat to the islands. Entrance fees to private beaches
Accommodation: 1/1 Drinks at meals
Breakfast: 1/1 Lunch: 2/2 Dinner:1/1
Drinks other than at meals Beach towels
amenities (optionall)



Day 1. Panama City to San-Blas

  • Pick-up at your hotel in Panama City at 5h30 a.m.
  • Drive by a 4X4 to San-Blas
  • Visit of two Islands
  • Lunch (lobster or fish of the day)
  • Free Evening.
  • Night in a private hut on the beach in San-Blas.
Lunch and dinner included
Private hut in San-Blas


Day 2. San-Blas – Panama City (boat ride 1h).

  • Day at the beach.
  • Visit of 1 other island in San-Blas
  • Boat back to Carti
  • Ride back by 4X4 to Panama City
Breakfast in San-Blas
Lunch in San-Blas

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