• Private Airport Transfer & Transportation Service

    Whether it’s for vacation or business we have the perfect solution to get you around safely in Panama city.

    On average it’s $1.00/km.

    More than 4 persons in the van is an additional $10.00/person extra.

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  • Panama City and the Miraflores Locks – Half a Day Tour

    Get a personalized introduction to Panama City on this 4-hours, private tour, that includes pickup and drop-off at your hotel or residence in Panama City or at the Tocumen airport.

    You will see:

    -Amador Causeway,     -Avenida Balboa,     -Panama viejo,     -Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal.

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  • Indian Embera village

    You will be canoeing on the Chagres river, where you will be heading into the jungle to visit a traditional Embera village.

    The native Embera are one of the seven Amerindian ethnic groups still present in Panama.

    Several families of Embera settled near the Chagres river many years ago and have developed an ecotourism project allowing them to maintain their way of life and their customs in the face of the development of the modern world.

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  • Fiesta in Playa Blanca – Day at the Beach

    The strip of Pacific beach communities from Chame to Playa Blanca is referred to as the “City Beaches”, because of their accessibility from Panama City.

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  • Monkey Island on Gatun Lake – Half Day Tour

    The easiest way for you to have a close-up contact with monkeys in their natural habitat is undeniably on Monkey Island.

    You will have a boat ride on the famous Panama Canal beside large container ships to get to Monkey Island.

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  • El Valle de Anton – Hiking and Swimming

    The valley is unique because of the weird square trees, which grew on the volcanic soil.  The rectangular shape of trees is directly related to the conditions of the valley – when planted in any other location, the trees would have normal circular trunks.

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  • Taboga Island – Day at the Beach

    This volcanic island in the Gulf of Panama, otherwise known as the Island of Flowers, is accessible by boat through the causeway.

    It’s the entrance of the Panama Canal.

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  • Portobello and Isla Grande – The great adventure on the Caribbean side

    Off the usual tourist trails, this part of Panama on the Caribbean side offers another flavor of the country.

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  • Colon and Fort San-Lorenzo – One Ocean to Another by Train.

    Travel 80 km between the Caribbean Ocean (Colon) and the Pacific Ocean (Panama City), along the
    Panama Canal by the single railroad, the Panama Canal Railway Company.

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  • Miraflores Locks

    Miraflores Locks and Monkey Island. – Half Day

    Visit two of Panama’s best attractions all at once.

    The easiest way for you to have close-up contact with monkeys in their natural habitat is on Monkey Island.

    Get to ride a boat directly on the world famous Panama Canal.

    Visit the Miraflores Locks visitors center and museum.

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